• Integrated Maintenance of Mainline facilities 558 KM pipeline of Crude and Product.



  • ARC for Technical Maintenance Services
  • Rectification of casing carrier shorting of DBPL
  • AMC for Instrumentation Works in O&M
  • ARC for providing O&M Services in Pipeline Network & Installations
  • Digging and Gas Pipeline Inspection (Bell Hole Test) of Pipeline
  • ROU Maintenance and Emergency Preparedness Contract for JLPL for a period of Two years
  • Rectification job of carrier casing shorting of Pipeline




  • Coating Survey 
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring & Maintenance of Pipeline
  • Pipeline Coating survey of Pipeline
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring & Maintenance of pipeline




  • Supervision services for Pipe laying works
  • Civil Structural & Architectural work at Compressor Station
  • Construction Supervision services of Pipeline
  • Chemical Cleaning of Compressor suction Pipelines CBM Project
  • Laying of 12 Inch & 4 Inch Pipeline for Interconnection of Fire Water & Instrument Air 
  • Construction of Septic tank , soak pit, foundation at MLV/TOP



  • Maintenance & Supervision Activities of 1014 KM Cross country Pipeline
  • Services for Removal of Shorted Casing
  • Maintenance & Supervision Activities of 1014 KM Cross country Pipeline



  • Annual Electrical Maintenance Services for 3 years across AGI`s for P/L Operations
  • Piping fabrication & Erection job 
  • Piping fabrication & Erection job 



  • ARC for Monitoring and Maintaining of CP in GSPL gas Grid Network
  • Annual Rate Contract for monitoring and maintenance of Cathodic Protection in Gas Grid Network.



  • AMC of Mechanical Equipments
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for C & I
  • O & M Services required at LNG Terminal



  • Bi-Annual Maintenace Contract for PCP system installed at CS pipeline





  • AMC for C & I work at STG & HRSG
  • AMC for C & I work at GT & BOP



  • Maintenance contract for Control & Instrumentation System, water package, Ash handling plant and other areas including regular schedule cleaning of instrument




  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Deep Well Anode Ground Bed