Solar Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance (O&M) is a key driver for power plants to deliver on their projected revenues. By leveraging our experience in plant operations and advanced diagnostics, we have developed the more advanced O&M program in the industry.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Meter reading logging
  • Routine operation assistance
  • Housekeeping
  • Inventory planning and management
  • Skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled manpower training
  • Farm area upkeep
  • Corrective and breakdown maintenance
  • HT/LT/LV electrical maintenance

With our experience and continuous research for cleaning of the module. We have developed a system which can deliver effective cleaning in low cost.

  • Removes bird droppings in a single sweep
  • Diesel consumption is 0.5 Ltr. per hour
  • Requires 7.8 Secs. / Sq Mtrs.
  • Cleaning water Requirement .94 Ltrs/ Sq. Mtr.